Who is Marsha Molinari?

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Human Rights Activist. H.Wood Group Partner. & J.Molinari Jewelry Designer. She's someone you need to know.

Who is Marsha Molinari?

This fashion enthusiast, celebrity drinker, and stylish activist is making a name for herself. As the creative mind behind her own jewelry line, Molinari has a unique perspective on design that has caught the eyes of some of the most discerning taste makers in the world. Not content to simply sit on the sidelines, Molinari uses her voice and influence to champion human rights causes close to her heart. She's someone you need to know.

Marsha moved to Los Angeles from central California because she wanted a chance to live her creative dreams, but even she wasn't prepared for the glamorous life that awaited. Soon after her arrival, she became involved with the nightclub scene. With her extraordinary style and tasteful opulence, Molinari is sure to make an entrance. Very soon, Molinari became a partner at the H.Wood Group who is behind some of the hottest venues and bars in the country. Poppy, Delilah, Bootsy and Bellows just ot name a few.

Marsha's unique vision comes through in each of these venues & it's part of what makes them so special.

With this success, Molinari recognized that there was so much more she needed to speak to. Having a voice is important. Even if you don't know what it means, or how your voice will be heard - sometimes the only way to make sure others hear us loud and clear (or find out) are by speaking up for our values in life! Marsha has always been vocal about their support of human rights from LGBTQIA communities all over town...to those who have nowhere else left where they can turn when faced with homelessness.