It's 72 & Sunny

Sunny Station

The perfect playlist for perfect sunny days...

Do you know what 72° and Sunny feels like? It feels like the perfect day to put on a playlist and enjoy the sun. I'm not talking about your basic beach tunes, I'm talking about a sophisticated mix of music that will make you feel cool and collected even on the hottest day. Whether you're at the beach, in your backyard, or just driving around town, these songs are the perfect soundtrack. So grab your shades and raise a glass to 72 and sunny perfection! Cheers!

01.Otis - The Durutti Column

02.Godstar - Psychic TV

03.Center of Gravity - Yo La Tengo

04.Bangkok by Night - Johnny Guitar

05.Too Hurt To Cry - Candi Stanton

06.Marshmallow - The Sweet Enoughs

07.At The Hotel - Eunice Collins

08.A La Sala - Khruangbin

09.Na boca do sol - Arthur Verocai

10.Rip It Up - Orange Juice